Parallel sessions Monday 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM (Subject to change)

This page contains the title, presenters, as well as the location of the parallel sessions held on Monday July 8, 2019. Please note that this page contains only the name of the first author of the submission.

1.1 The power of nocebo: From mechanisms to clinical application

Lauren Howe – Changing patient mindsets about non-life-threatening symptoms during oral immunotherapy: A randomized clinical trial.

Kate MacKrill – Evidence of a media-induced nocebo response following a national antidepressant brand switch.

Mia Thomaïdou – Learning mechanisms in nocebo hyperalgesia: The role of conditioning and extinction processes.

Twyla Michnevich – Preventing adverse events of chemotherapy by educating patients about the nocebo effect – A randomized controlled trial with gastrointestinal cancer patients.

1.2 Psychopharmacology and psychophysiology in placebo studies

Marta Pecina – Opioid-mediated mechanisms of antidepressant placebo effects.

Judith Tekampe – Effects of positive and negative verbal suggestions on the psychophysiological response to stress.

Aleksandrina Skvortsova – Conditioning of the neuroendocrine system: Learned oxytocin responses.

Moa Pontén – Naltrexone during pain conditioning – A double-blind placebo-controlled experimental trial.

1.3 Placebo response and treatment expectations in clinical populations

Alexander Stridh – The potency of placebo: A meta-analysis on placebo effects of PDE5Is for erectile dysfunction.

Elisa Frisaldi – Patients’ expectations of therapeutic outcome affect the clinical response in myasthenia gravis.

Elise Devlin – How response expectancies of sexual toxicity experiences interact early in radiotherapy: A mediation analysis of prostate cancer patient reports.

Thomas Janssens – Odors as asthma triggers: The role of information, worry and arousal. A replication and extension of Jaen and Dalton (2014), Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 77: 302-308.

1.4 What’s in a definition: Conceptualizing placebo

Doug Hardman – Placebo effects and the healing power of the subjunctive.

Phil Hutchinson – Placebo responses as a class of medically significant responses to the lifeworld and how to explain them: ethnomethodology & ecological psychology.

Ryan van Nood – The placebo effect as a family resemblance concept.

Michael Sauder – The participation effect: The power of the powerless placebo.

1.5 Context matters! Contextual factors in placebo effects

Marco Testa – Physical therapists’ perspectives on using contextual factors in clinical practice: Findings from an Italian national survey.

Adi Shani – Does the concordance between actual treatment and patient preferred-administration-route interact with analgesic placebo mechanisms? Preference study among acute-low-back-pain patients.

Wayne Jonas – Are the clinical effects of invasive procedures for chronic pain all placebo effects? Implications for practice and research.

Karolina Wiercioch-Kuzianik – How colours shape pain perception. Implications for studies on placebo effects involving colour stimuli paradigm.