Parallel sessions Tuesday 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM (Subject to change)

This page contains the title, presenters, as well as the location of the parallel sessions held on Tuesday July 9, 2019. Please note that this page contains only the name of the first author of the submission.

2.1 Open up about placebos: Open label placebo applications

Tobias Kube – Mechanisms of open-label placebos in pain and sadness.

Bryan Saunders – Open-placebo improves exercise performance in female cyclists.

Julia Wittkowski – Acceptance of open-label placebo treatments in the lay population.

Marco Valerio – The influence of treatment information on expectations and open-label placebo effects.

2.2 From genes to expectancies: Predicting placebo effects

Anja Zieger – Do patients’ treatment expectations change over time?

Kathryn Hall – Placebo-pharmacogenomic effects in clinical trials and precision medicine.

Efrat Czerniak – COMT met/met genotype is associated with higher placebo response rates and pain tolerance in healthy men exposed to experimental pain.

Arvina Grahl – Using Bayesian integration in two independent studies to predict placebo treatment outcomes.

2.3 New applications of traditional conditioning paradigms

Przemysław Bąbel – Operant conditioning as a new mechanism of placebo effects.

Diletta Barbiani – The influence of expectations and conditioning on apnea performance.

Lea Kampermann – Generalization in placebo hypoalgesia.

Leonie Koban – Hippocampus mediates conceptual generalization effects on pain.

2.4 Placebo effects in psychotherapy and neurocognitive disorders

Luzius Heydrich – Placebo therapy – A randomized controlled trial.

Heike Gerger – Can the addition of placebo pills augment psychotherapy?

Bettina Doering – Expectation-induced placebo responses in major depression: An experimental investigation.

2.5 Placebo and nocebo effects on cognition

Anne Janssen – The effects of information about chemotherapy-induced cognitive decline, stigma consciousness, and framing on cognitive performance of breast cancer patients.

Carina Höfler – Placebo and nocebo effects on visuospatial attention: A direct comparison.

Bernardo Villa-Sánchez – The placebo effect in motor skill learning: Comparing cognitive and motor placebos.

Michiel van Elk – Experimental research on expectancy effects in cognitive enhancement.