Parallel sessions Tuesday 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM (Subject to change)

This page contains the title, presenters, as well as the location of the parallel sessions held on Tuesday July 9, 2017. Please note that this page contains only the name of the first author of the submission.

3.1 Neural mechanisms in placebo studies

Sigal Zilcha-Mano – Neural mechanisms of expectancy-based placebo effects in antidepressant clinical trials.

Vanda Faria – Clinical and neural effects of placebo and SSRIs in social anxiety disorder.

Dan-Mikael Ellingsen – Patient-clinician brain concordance supports therapeutic alliance, facial mirroring, and placebo analgesia during pain treatment: a fMRI hyperscanning study.

Matthias Zunhammer – Neural correlates of placebo analgesia – A meta-analysis of individual participant fMRI data.

3.2 Placebo effects in clinician-patient interactions

Pavel Goldstein – Synchrony in clinician-patient movement mediates placebo effect on perceived pain and trust.

Anne Beyeler – Are sweet words enough? A randomized control trial of positive communication surrounding venous catheter insertion in the emergency room.

Kari Leibowitz – From placebo to practice: Insights from the medicine plus provider training program.

Kaya Peerdeman – Underpredicting pain may help and harm.

3.3 Placebo effects in children and adolescents

Cosima Locher – Efficacy and safety of pharmacological treatments for migraine prophylaxis: A systematic review and network meta-analysis in children and adolescents.

Katja Weimer – Social learning of placebo effects across the life span.

Jay Olson – Mind over medication: Using placebo machines and positive suggestion to treat behavioural disorders.

3.4 Innovative ways to enhance placebo analgesia

Victoria Wai-lan Yeung – Testing if and when the mere possession of a placebo analgesic cream enhances pain resilience.

Biya Tang – Instrumental control enhances placebo analgesia.

Niels Bagge – The imaginary placebo pill: Isolating psychological components of placebo pills for treatment in clinical practice.

Marie Schwartz – Social learning influences the additive placebo effect of analgesic treatment in functional capacity in chronic pain patients.

3.5 Novel perspectives on placebo effects

Liesbeth van Vliet – Placebo-effects of communication alongside standard medical care: Results of a randomized controlled trial in clinical tonsillectomy care.

Marco Annoni – Placebo algorithms: An ethical roadmap for the next revolution in medicine.

Sigrid Juhl Lunde – Music relieves pain – Especially if you expect it to.

Jonathan Davies – The role of placebo effects in mindfulness-based analgesia.